Ultimate 2023 Guide: Finding Silkie Chickens Near You



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The cuddly yet exotic Silkie chicken is becoming an increasingly popular pet due to its sweet temperaments and unique color variations. While the appeal of this breed is undeniable, those seeking Silkies may be wondering where to get them near them.

Thankfully, reliable sources such as local farms and breeders, online platforms, and local ads provide the opportunity to acquire show-quality Silkie chickens in various colors. By doing so, one can acquire the best quality birds while also supporting local sources and serving the needs of others.

Key Takeaways

  • Local breeders and farms in the UK, such as The Silkie Farm and Cackle Hatchery, offer high-quality Silkie chickens.
  • Online platforms and local advertisements provide options for purchasing Silkie chickens.
  • Show-quality Silkie chickens can be found at places like The Silkie Farm and breeders with show-quality bloodlines.
  • Different color variations of Silkie chickens are available, including white, blue, gold, splash, silver partridge, and more.

Local Farms and Breeders

Local farms and breeders in the UK, such as The Silkie Farm and Cackle Hatchery, offer high-quality Silkie chickens. For those seeking these lovable birds, local sources are ideal. Show-quality Silkies can be found at The Silkie Farm and other breeders with show-quality bloodlines. Different color variations such as white, blue, gold, splash, and silver partridge are also available. Silkies are not known for their flying abilities, making them perfect for small backyard flocks or limited spaces. They also lay eggs, although not prolifically, and are known for their exceptional broodiness. As such, Silkie chickens are an ideal choice for those looking for a feathered friend.

Online Platforms and Local Ads

Online platforms and local ads provide various options for acquiring Silkie chickens. Whether you are looking for a pet or a show-quality bird, you can explore the options to find the perfect one for you. Here are some points to consider when comparing online platforms and local ads:

  • Pricing comparison: Local ads may be more affordable, but online platforms can offer better deals with shipping discounts and multiple-bird orders.

  • Tips for safely purchasing Silkie chickens online: Research the seller, ask for photos and videos of the bird, and make sure the bird is shipped in a secure and temperature-controlled environment.

You can find Silkie chickens at reasonable prices and with quality assurance if you take the time to compare the options and make an informed decision.

Show-Quality Silkie Chickens

Show-quality Silkie chickens can be found at reputable breeders with show-quality bloodlines. Such breeders typically have extensive experience in raising healthy chicks and take great care to ensure their flocks are of the highest quality.

Breeders often take part in shows and exhibitions to demonstrate the beauty and quality of their Silkies. By choosing a breeder who takes part in these events, buyers can be sure they are getting the best possible birds. It is important to research a breeder and their birds before purchasing, to ensure they have a track record of success.

Breeders should also be knowledgeable about Silkie care and be able to answer questions about their birds. By taking the time to find a reputable breeder, buyers can ensure they get the best quality Silkies for their flock.

Different Color Variations

Different color variations of Silkie chickens can add uniqueness and diversity to any flock. Exploring genetic variations of these birds can provide insight into the unique traits and characteristics of each color variation.

White Silkie Chickens:

  • They have white feathers and skin, making them stand out in a flock.
  • They are good layers and are known for their calm, docile nature.

Blue Silkie Chickens:

  • They tend to be broody and are identified by their bluish-gray feathers.
  • They are known for their friendly temperaments and loving personalities.

Gold Silkie Chickens:

  • These chickens have gold feathers and are considered rare.
  • They are said to be less active than other Silkie colors.

Finding the right color variation of Silkie chicken can add beauty and charm to any flock. As gentle and loving birds, Silkies can be an excellent addition to households seeking a feathered friend.

Flying Abilities

Although Silkie chickens are not known for their flying abilities, they are suitable for small backyard flocks and limited spaces. Their unique physical attributes, such as their fluffy feathers and five toes on each foot, can make it difficult for them to take off. They do not fly well and generally have restrictions on their flying. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who prefer a low-maintenance bird that does not require a large outdoor space.

Silkies are also a great pet for families who want a lovable, gentle bird that won’t fly away. With proper care and a safe outdoor environment, Silkie chickens can provide years of companionship and joy.

Egg Laying

Though not prolific layers, Silkie chickens are known for their exceptional broodiness and hatching eggs of other breeds. Though they do lay eggs, they are not known for their prolific egg production. However, their broodiness and hatching abilities make them a great choice for those seeking a dependable egg-layer.

  • Broodiness:

  • Silkies are very attentive mothers and will often brood other breeds’ eggs.

  • They are also known for their exceptional mothering skills, making them great for backyard flocks.

  • Egg Production:

  • Silkies do lay eggs, but not as often as other breeds.

  • Despite this, their eggs are larger than those of most other breeds and are appreciated for their robust flavor.

Silkie chickens make an excellent addition to any family or flock. Their gentle nature and broodiness make them a great choice for those looking for an egg-layer or a loyal pet. Whether you’re looking for a reliable egg-layer or a loyal companion, Silkie chickens are worth considering.


They are renowned for their exceptional broodiness and mothering skills. Silkie chickens are known for their gentle personalities and devotion to their chicks. They have a natural inclination to sit on eggs and hatch them, even those of other breeds. This behavior is a result of their strong instinct to nurture and protect their young.

Taking proper care of Silkies means understanding their natural behavior and creating an environment that is conducive to this. This includes providing ample shade in hot climates and ensuring they get enough food and water. Being aware of the Silkie chicken’s behavior enables owners to be more patient and understanding of their needs.

With the right attention, Silkie chickens can make excellent mothers that will nurture their young with dedication.

Suitable for Small Spaces

Since Silkie chickens are not known for their flying abilities, they are an ideal choice for small backyard flocks or limited spaces. They require proper care and nutrition to thrive and stay healthy, and understanding their needs is essential for successful Silkie chicken keeping.

Here are some tips to ensure their care:

  • Nutrition: Provide a balanced diet with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also recommended.

  • Health: Monitor the health of the chickens regularly and provide necessary treatments. Vaccinate chickens to prevent disease.

  • Safety: Keep predators away from the flock and provide a secure environment. Give Silkies access to shade and protection from extreme weather.

Silkie chickens are a great choice for small spaces, and with proper care and nutrition, they can be a delightful addition to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Silkie Chickens Live?

Silkie chickens can live up to 8 years with proper handling tips and grooming requirements. They need a well-maintained, comfortable environment and regular care to ensure a long, healthy life. With the right kind of care and attention, these gentle birds make wonderful companions.

What Is the Best Diet for a Silkie Chicken?

Silkie chickens thrive on a diet of high-quality feed, fresh vegetables, and occasional treats. For optimal breeding habits and daily care, they should be provided with ample fresh water, a calcium supplement, and a protein-rich diet. Compassionately caring for a Silkie chicken will ensure it lives a long and healthy life.

Are Silkie Chickens Noisy?

Noisy? Not usually. Silkie chickens are known for their gentle demeanor and quiet cooing, making them perfect for keeping in small spaces. With proper handling, they make delightful pets and provide delightful companionship. Alliteration adds: Placid, peaceful, pleasant Silkies!

Are Silkie Chickens Easy to Train?

Silkie chickens are known for their gentle behavior and are relatively easy to train. They are also known for their egg production and mothering instincts, making them an ideal choice for backyard flocks. With patience and consistency, anyone can enjoy the joys of owning a Silkie.

How Much Do Silkie Chickens Cost?

Raising Silkie chickens can be a rewarding experience, and the cost varies depending on the quality of the birds. Breeding quality Silkies can be more expensive, but the rewards of a healthy, well-cared for flock make it worthwhile. Compassionate, knowledgeable care is key to a successful Silkie Chicken breeding experience.

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