San Diego’s Top Spots to Buy Live Chickens: 2023 Recommendations



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San Diego residents looking for live chickens have many options:

  • Backyard Chickies
  • City Farmers Nursery
  • Innovive Inc
  • Southwest Feed Grain & Hay
  • Carters Hay & Grain Inc
  • East County Feed And Supply Inc
  • JC Feed & Supply
  • San Ysidro Feed & Supply Inc.

Responsible practices and resources are essential for bringing feathered friends home. These include:

  • Sustainable eggs
  • Pest control
  • Teaching responsibility
  • Composting chicken waste
  • More nutritious eggs
  • Saving money on groceries
  • Proper shelter, diet, vet care, and hygiene.

Knowing San Diego regulations, preparing a secure coop, and regularly cleaning the coop are key to ensuring a safe and happy home for chickens.

Key Takeaways

  • Backyard Chickies, City Farmers Nursery, Innovive Inc, Southwest Feed Grain & Hay, Carters Hay & Grain Inc, East County Feed And Supply Inc, JC Feed & Supply, San Ysidro Feed & Supply Inc, Equipos Veterinarios Miami/All Veterinary Supply Inc, Feeding San Diego, and Yelp (online platform) are potential places to buy live chickens in San Diego.
  • San Diego has regulations on keeping chickens, including restrictions on the number of chickens allowed, proper construction and maintenance of coops, waste management to prevent smells and contamination, and noise control to prevent disturbance from roosters.
  • Raising backyard chickens offers benefits such as sustainable eggs and pest control, teaching responsibility, composting chicken waste for gardening, more nutritious eggs, and saving money on groceries. Responsible practices involve providing proper shelter, diet, vet care, and hygiene for the chickens.
  • Additional suppliers and resources for chicken-related needs include Advanced Life Nutra and Adeptus Nutrition Inc (specialized feeds), Carters Hay & Grain Inc and East County Feed And Supply Inc (chicken breeds and supplies), JC Feed & Supply and San Ysidro Feed & Supply Inc (chickens and feed), Equipos Veterinarios Miami/All Veterinary Supply Inc (resources for chicken health care), Feeding San Diego (pet food assistance), and Yelp (reviews and information).

Backyard Chickies

Backyard Chickies is a popular supplier of live chickens in San Diego. Located in the heart of the city, they provide access to raising chickens in urban areas, making it easier for people to experience the benefits of responsible chicken-keeping.

Their selection of chickens, feeds, and other necessary supplies have been carefully chosen to suit the needs of their customers. Professional advice and guidance is always available to ensure customers are making the right choice for their flock.

Backyard Chickies is a great resource for anyone interested in raising chickens in San Diego. They provide the necessary knowledge and supplies to ensure a successful experience.

City Farmers Nursery

City Farmers Nursery offers a wide selection of chicken breeds and supplies for chicken-keeping. Benefits of shopping at City Farmers Nursery include a knowledgeable staff, quality products, and a large selection of breeds. They offer advice on selecting different breeds based on your needs and preferences. They also provide tips on proper care for chickens, coop construction and maintenance, and waste management.

Knowledgeable staffSelect the right breed
Quality productsProper care for chickens
Large selection of breedsCoop construction and maintenance
Advice on selecting different breedsWaste management

Innovive Inc

Innovive Inc is a company in San Diego that provides a variety of chicken breeds and supplies for chicken-keepers. They offer a range of products, including feed, coops, and poultry health care products. Additionally, they have a team of experts who can provide advice and guidance on how to properly care for chickens. One of the benefits of buying from Innovive Inc is their large selection of breeds. They have a wide variety to choose from, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their needs. Another advantage is their competitive prices. Innovive Inc strives to offer affordable options for chicken-keepers. Lastly, their knowledgeable staff is a valuable resource for customers. They can answer questions, offer recommendations, and provide guidance on all aspects of chicken-keeping. When choosing a breed from Innovive Inc, it is important to consider factors such as temperament, egg production, and hardiness. Additionally, customers should determine the right size and age for their flock. With their expertise and wide selection, Innovive Inc is the go-to destination for chicken-keepers in San Diego.

Southwest Feed Grain & Hay

Southwest Feed Grain & Hay is a store that caters to chicken-keepers in the area. They offer a range of products and services, providing competitive prices and a knowledgeable staff.

The store offers a variety of options to meet the needs of its customers, including chicken feed, accessories, and even live chickens. They have a wide selection of chicken feed options that are specifically designed for the health and well-being of chickens.

One of the benefits of purchasing live chickens from Southwest Feed Grain & Hay is that customers can get healthy chicks that are ready to start laying eggs. The knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions and provide advice, ensuring that customers get the best possible outcome from their purchase.

With competitive prices and quality products, Southwest Feed Grain & Hay is a great option for those looking to purchase chickens and supplies in San Diego.

Carters Hay & Grain Inc

Carters Hay & Grain Inc provides a wide selection of chicken breeds and supplies for chicken-keepers in the area. With years of experience and knowledgeable staff, Carters Hay & Grain Inc is the perfect place to purchase chickens.

Customers can select from a variety of breeds and receive expert advice on taking care of their feathered friends. Benefits of buying chickens from Carters Hay & Grain Inc include access to specialized feeds, as well as a wide selection of chickens and supplies.

Additionally, customers can also find helpful tips for choosing the right breed of chickens.

All in all, Carters Hay & Grain Inc is the ideal place for those looking to buy chickens in the San Diego area.

East County Feed And Supply Inc

East County Feed And Supply Inc specializes in raising chickens responsibly and helping customers understand the many benefits of backyard chickens for sustainable living. They offer a wide range of chicken breeds and supplies, providing customers with knowledgeable advice and a convenient shopping experience. Their selection includes quality feed and supplies, healthy chickens from reliable sources, vet-approved health care products, advice on proper coop construction, and nutritious treats for chickens.

The team at East County Feed And Supply Inc understands the needs of both experienced and novice chicken-keepers. They offer personalized advice and guidance to ensure a successful and rewarding experience with raising chickens.

JC Feed & Supply

JC Feed & Supply is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to raise backyard chickens in San Diego. They provide a wide range of chicken breeds and supplies, and offer advice and guidance to help customers raise chickens responsibly. Through years of experience, they are able to provide insight on the benefits of raising chickens at home. These benefits include sustainable eggs and pest control, nutritious eggs, and cost savings.

JC Feed & Supply also provides tips for maintaining a healthy chicken flock. They emphasize the importance of proper shelter, diet, vet care, and hygiene. By following these tips, customers can ensure that their chickens stay healthy and happy.

Furthermore, JC Feed & Supply is knowledgeable about local regulations. They can help customers make informed decisions about their chicken-keeping needs, ensuring that they comply with any relevant laws or restrictions.

San Ysidro Feed & Supply Inc

San Ysidro Feed & Supply Inc provides customers with a range of chickens and feeds, offering advice and assistance to help them raise their feathered friends responsibly. Benefits of shopping at San Ysidro Feed & Supply Inc include:

  • Quality products
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Comprehensive selection of breeds
  • Helpful tips for care
  • Affordable prices.

Tips for choosing the right breed of chickens for your backyard include considering the kind of space you have, researching the breed’s temperament and activity level, and learning about their needs.

Shopping at San Ysidro Feed & Supply Inc is a great way to ensure that your chickens are healthy and well-cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Wait Before Bringing My Chickens Home?

It’s best to wait until you’ve adequately prepared the coop and have a good understanding of your chickens’ feeding habits and social dynamics. Doing so will help ensure a smooth transition and better overall care for your flock.

Are There Any Vaccinations or Health Checks I Need to Get for My Chickens?

In the US, it is recommended that chickens receive vaccinations and health screenings annually. Vaccines can help protect your flock from diseases and parasites, while health screenings can detect illnesses and other issues. Take the time to ensure your chickens are healthy and happy.

How Do I Safely Transport My Chickens?

When transporting chickens, it’s important to provide comfortable housing with feed and water. Ensure their housing is secure and ventilated, and prepare feed that is appropriate for their journey. Taking these steps will help ensure a safe, stress-free transition for your feathered friends.

How Much Space Do I Need in My Coop for the Chickens?

Do you know how much space your chickens need in their coop? To ensure their health and safety, consider stocking levels, feeding requirements, and ventilation. Provide enough space for comfortable movement and access to food and water. Your chickens will thank you!

How Often Should I Clean the Coop?

Cleaning the coop should be done regularly, using sanitizing supplies, to ensure the health and safety of the chickens. Depending on the size of the flock and their feeding habits, weekly or bi-weekly cleanings are recommended.

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