San Diego’s Poultry Paradise: Best Locations to Purchase Chickens



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With over 500,000 households in San Diego possessing chickens, the demand for purchasing the feathered friends is higher than ever.

Whether you’re looking to start your own backyard coop or just want some fresh eggs to cook with, it’s important to know where to buy chickens in San Diego.

This guide will provide an overview of the benefits and risks associated with raising backyard chickens, local farms and hatcheries, and other places to purchase chickens in San Diego.

Key Takeaways

  • Reputable places to buy chickens in San Diego include Backyard Chickies, City Farmers Nursery, and SD Chicken Exchange.
  • Yelp search results and Yellow Pages provide helpful information and reviews for finding live chickens in San Diego.
  • Municipal codes in San Diego dictate the limits and laws for keeping chickens in urban areas.
  • Local farms, hatcheries, and online platforms offer a wide selection of chicken breeds for purchase.

Benefits and Risks of Raising Backyard Chickens in San Diego

Keeping chickens in San Diego has numerous benefits. It provides farm-fresh eggs that are delicious and packed with nutrients. Buying chickens in San Diego also offers natural pest control. Additionally, raising backyard chickens in San Diego provides educational experiences that teach responsibility and the life cycle of birds.

However, there are risks that must be considered when keeping chickens in San Diego. Salmonella bacteria can be spread, and parasites like mites and lice can cause infestations that require monitoring and treatment.

To ensure a healthy flock, it’s important to follow tips for maintaining a healthy flock of backyard chickens in San Diego. This includes observing flock behavior and appearance. It’s also important to be aware of common challenges faced when raising chickens in an urban environment, such as municipal code allowance and setback requirements.

With the right precautions, keeping chickens in San Diego is a rewarding opportunity with many benefits.

Reputable Places to Buy Chickens in San Diego

Reputable places like Backyard Chickies, City Farmers Nursery, and SD Chicken Exchange offer San Diegans the chance to buy high-quality chickens. They have a wide selection of chicken breeds that are suitable for small backyard spaces. These places also provide expert guidance and educational workshops. Additionally, they offer tips for successfully raising chickens in an urban environment. Customers can trust these establishments to provide chickens of the highest quality and to adhere to San Diego’s municipal codes. With their reliable customer service and dedication to promoting sustainable urban farming, these places are ideal for buying chickens in San Diego.

Municipal Code Allowances and Setback Requirements

Municipal codes in San Diego establish the limits and laws for raising chickens in urban areas. These codes outline how residents must act and provide setback requirements for coops and neighbors. Special regulations, such as noise rules for roosters and shelter and sanitation requirements, may also exist.

Understanding these code limits is crucial to ensure compliance with local laws. By respecting setback requirements, residents can avoid penalties and maintain a clean environment. Setback requirements establish the distance between chicken coops and other structures on the property, fostering positive relationships with neighbors.

Code enforcement plays a vital role in ensuring compliance with these regulations. By following the rules and regulations set forth by the municipal codes, residents can avoid penalties and maintain a harmonious environment within their community. This not only fosters positive connections with neighbors but also contributes to a clean and well-maintained neighborhood.

Researching Live Chickens in San Diego

Yelp and Yellow Pages are reliable resources for finding live chickens in San Diego. These sites provide comprehensive listings, reviews, ratings, and contact information.

Advantages of backyard chicken coops include fresh eggs, natural pest control, and educational opportunities.

Tips for raising healthy chickens at home include monitoring flock behavior and appearance, proper cleaning, and following municipal code allowances.

With the right research and guidance, San Diegans can enjoy the benefits of raising chickens while avoiding risks.

Local Farms and Hatcheries

Local farms and hatcheries such as ABC Farm and Sunshine Poultry are a great choice for those looking to buy live chickens in San Diego. These businesses offer a wide selection of chicken breeds and prioritize bird health. Breed selection is excellent, with a wide variety of chicken types to choose from.

In addition to offering a diverse range of breeds, ABC Farm and Sunshine Poultry provide helpful chicken care tips to ensure birds are healthy and safe. They understand the importance of maintaining a healthy flock and offer a variety of feed and other supplies to help customers in this endeavor.

Customers can be confident that their poultry will be healthy and well-cared for when purchasing from these businesses, as they prioritize bird health and safety. Furthermore, ABC Farm and Sunshine Poultry are committed to providing high-quality customer service and reliable advice.

Online Platforms for Buying Chickens in San Diego

In addition to local farms and hatcheries, online platforms have become increasingly popular for buying live chickens in San Diego. San Diego Chicken Coop and Feathered Friends are two of the most well-known platforms for purchasing chickens. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying live chickens online:


  • Access to a larger variety of breeds
  • Easily compare prices and reviews
  • Delivery and shipping of chickens may be available


  • Difficulty in verifying the health of chickens until after they have arrived
  • Risk of fraud or misrepresentation

When buying chickens online in San Diego, it is important to research the platform, read reviews, and ask questions. Make sure to ask about delivery times, shipping costs, and if the seller offers a guarantee or assurance of quality. Doing so can help ensure a safe and successful chicken purchasing experience.

Pet Stores Selling Chickens in San Diego

Pet stores may offer a more limited selection of chickens compared to farms and online sources. However, they may provide a convenient option for those seeking chicken breeds in pet stores.

One of the most recommended pet stores in San Diego is Jane’s Pet Store, which specializes in poultry. They have a wide variety of breeds and take the health of their chickens very seriously. Their staff is knowledgeable and can help customers choose the right breed for their needs.

Additionally, they offer reasonable prices and helpful advice to customers. For those looking for a reliable source for chicken breeds in pet stores, Jane’s Pet Store is a great recommendation.

Feed Stores Selling Chickens in San Diego

Moving on from pet stores, feed stores are another great option for buying chickens in San Diego. Feed stores like Innovive Inc and Southwest Feed Grain & Hay provide customers with live chickens for sale, offering a wide selection of breeds and high-quality chickens. They also offer expert guidance and educational workshops to help customers navigate the world of raising chickens. Buying from local feed stores has many advantages, including the opportunity to connect with nature and contribute to sustainable living. Moreover, feed store locations are often close to where customers live, providing convenience and ease of access.

Additional Information and FAQs

Local farms and hatcheries offer a variety of breeds and prioritize bird health, while online platforms provide access to an even wider selection. ABC Farm and Sunshine Poultry are two reputable local sources that provide high-quality chickens, while San Diego Chicken Coop and Feathered Friends offer a variety of breeds online. Pet stores may have a limited selection compared to farms and online sources. Jane, a San Diego resident, had a positive experience buying chickens from ABC Farm, impressed by their cleanliness and care. Feed stores like Innovive Inc and Southwest Feed Grain & Hay in San Diego offer live chickens for sale. | Pricing | Recommended Care | | ————- | ————— | | $9.89 each | Heat, dipping beak, specific feed, separation from fully grown chickens, regular cleaning |

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Chickens Are Available in San Diego?

Hatching eggs and raising chicks are available in San Diego to meet a variety of needs. Different breeds offer unique characteristics, and local farms provide a wide selection. With proper care and knowledge, these chickens can bring joy to your home and community.

How Much Do Baby Chicks Cost at Backyard Chickies?

At Backyard Chickies, baby chicks cost $9.89 each. Feeders, coops, and housing must also be taken into account when considering the cost of raising chickens. Properly housing chickens helps create a safe environment and a happy flock.

Are There Any Special Care Requirements for Baby Chicks?

Yes, special care requirements for baby chicks include providing heat lamps, bedding materials, dipping their beaks into water, specific feed, separating them from fully grown chickens, and regular cleaning. This helps ensure the health and safety of the baby chicks.

Is There a Specific Distance That Chickens Must Be Kept From Neighboring Properties?

Yes, there are municipal codes in San Diego that require certain distances from neighboring properties for keeping chickens. Permits are needed for certain chicken breeds, and setback requirements must be respected to avoid penalties.

What Is the Contact Information for Backyard Chickies?

Backyard Chickies can be contacted by email, phone, or text for inquiries about urban farming and purchasing poultry feed and live chickens. They offer a selection of high-quality chickens and specialize in customer satisfaction and sustainable urban farming.

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