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Take the time out of plucking to check out this great invention it plucks a chicken in seconds...

It is Dedicated to the memory of World Champion Chicken Plucker

Ernest Hausen (1877-1955)

Mr. Hausen, of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, on 19 January 1939 he was timed at 4.4 seconds (yes I said 4.4 SECONDS) This official record has NEVER been beaten!

 Mr. Kimball covers Safety, materials needed Alternatives and lots more in this creative look at plucking our chickens in a much easier manner.

All the designs, plans and instructions are included. I was very impressed with this book and I am sure you will be too!

Anyone that has researched how expensive a Table Top Plucker knows we are talking MEGA bucks so building your own is a great idea!

The book sells for $19.95 postage paid

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Herrick Kimball
PO Box 1117, Dept A5
Moravia, NY 13118