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Forums/ Poultry Groups: or go to Yahoo Poultry Groups for the complete listing

Cochin Forum Dom_Birds Cotton-Pickin_Chickens
Groovylittlechickens CochinBantamChickens EggMarket
PoultryFinders PoultryProfits CHICKENS-101
EggMarket RarePoultryBreeders North American Marans Breeders List
Barnevelders orpingtonchickens chickentalk
chickensaspets oldenglishbantums FeatherLegs
NCCOCHINBREEDERS OrganicChickens - poultrytalk
Poultry_Keepers - UK Poultry_Australia Aussiesilkiebantamclub
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AUCTIONS: These are good sites to either buy/sell poultry items
BirdBay -
 Online Avian Auction
ebirdauctions MDK Auctions
efarmauctions - Auction site for  livestock and general merchandise. eggbay - The most widely used auctions for birds Cyberpoultry Online Auction - under construction
Camel Kountry- Alternative Livestock and Exotic Bird Auction Salted EGG THE FUNNY FARM AUCTION
If you know of an auction that is not listed please me and I will post it.
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