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 Egg Cartons 

1 Dozen eggs White polystyrene
 foam - strong yet lightweight. Labeled
 for Medium but hold large and Xlarge just fine. 
25- 6.00-Plus shipping
50 - 11.00-Plus shipping
100-30.00 Including Shipping

 Prefer Paypal but accept money order or cashier checks.






I highly recommend this service and its free!




I Highly recommend this Free trial product to help STOP all the pop up ads, I use it and Love it!


North Atlantic Kelp Meal

Kelp supplies vitamins and minerals they just may not be getting. Many Top Breeders swear by it. Kelp increases egg production and iodine content darkens yolk and skin color and strengthens shells. Kelp will increase fertility, vitality, and immunity in your flock. Kelp should be added to your grain ration or commercial feed

1-lb $3.50-Plus shipping
3-lb. 7.50-Plus shipping
10-lb. 30.00 Including Shipping

Paypal, MO and CC accepted

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Happy Chicken Energy Bundle™ 


Great Deal for May, give your chickens the extra they need!

2lb  Kelp
2lb Diatomaceous Earth
1lb Nutri-Balance
 $20.00 including Shipping
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10 Eastern Wild Turkey Poults
tamiturkey1.jpg (41330 bytes)tamiturkey2.jpg (30634 bytes)

10 Eastern Wild Turkey Poults
 To ship and hatch in June. 
Taking orders now, These are pure bred healthy poults. 
I sell out early. 
If you are interested in getting your name on our list for this year please email us.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) consists of the sedimentary deposits formed from the skeletal remains of a class of algae (Bacdlariophyceae) that occur in both salt and fresh water and in soil. These remains form diatomite, an almost pure silica, that is ground into an abrasive dust. When the tiny, razor-sharp particles touch an insect, they cause many tiny abrasions, resulting in loss of body water and death by dehydration.

 We use this as a natural de-wormer for our dogs (we have 5) as well as our chickens. But many people use it for farm livestock ie: goats, pigs, horses etc.

Feed poultry a ratio:  2 lbs. per 100 lbs.

More Info

D.E.  by Pound

Price Shipping
1 $3.00 $3.95
2 $6.00 $6.00
3 $9.00 $7.50
5 $15.00 $8.50
10 $30.00 Free Shipping



Danke Bros Poultry

Exhibition quality chickens

ten varieties for sale. 

  • Standard SC White Leghorns (Richard Cramberg strain, champion line) 

  • BTM SC White Leghorn  

  • BTM Blue Andalusion

  • BTM and LF Barred Plymouth Rock

  • BTM Buff Brahma, LF Dark Brahma

  • LF Black Australorp (Gunderson Strain)

  • LF Blue Wheaton Americanas 

  • production reds. 

I Hope to Trade with you. I would also be interested in selling eggs, chicks, or mature birds of the varities that I have. I would also be willing to sell the two hovabator incubators that i have. Email with inquiries for prices

E9310 Magolski Lane
    Fremont WI 54940

breeders rosecombs Black, blue white, splash. Millie fleurs. white crested black polish, fawn duckwing

all for pickup only 

eggs chuckers in red, albino ,an normal
Quail bobs normal grays. reds speckled turkins bantam an standard ringneck pheasant Sumatra black, breeders black east Indies ducks  

lots more e-mail for directions
Don Smith

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