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Now the Fun Really Begins


Now you have the chicks: What do you do?????

Pulling the Hatch. Take the newly hatched chicks out of the hatching incubator as soon as they are dry. Leaving them in the incubator for several hours after hatch could result in heat stress and/or dehydration.


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Have your housing prepared before the chicks arrive. You'll need a brooder to keep them in, its size depending on how many you're getting. If it's got wire sides it'll be drafty, so make a cardboard windbreak to keep around the chicks for the first week or so. If there are many chicks, it's best if this is circular so that they can't get stuck in the corners. If the area is large for the number of chicks, it's good to confine them this way near the heat so that they learn where the heat source is.

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For heat, be aware that chicks need 95 degrees for the first week. You can drop this by 5 degrees every week until they're 6 weeks old. Then they are fairly feathered out and unless you live in a very cold area, they are able to withstand normal outside temperatures.

NOTE: If  your heat source is a light bulb or heat-lamp. Be careful  not to leave them low enough for the chicks to burn themselves. Also, especially with heat-lamps, be careful that the bedding can't catch on fire.

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If you do help be careful not to rupture any blood vessels, and make
sure the egg sack is fully absorbed.
Keep an eye on the membrane to make sure it doesn't dry out! That's
if you decide to help.


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